Bobby W. Baker


In Musings on June 17, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Why should you care about a Treasure Hunt that inspires artists, engages the community and enthralls the participants?

Because fun is thee most important thing in life! Fun is the only thing we really live for. You can check your own feelings on this. Here’s a quiz:

Would you rather:

A. be bored and stressed out, or

B. have fun?

See? That was easy.

Now that you know the truth about fun, you can understand Art-Driven Treasure Hunts.

Here’s what they do for artists, adventurers and shop owners:

  • Elevate works of art to the status of Treasure
  • Offer adventure seekers intrigue and adventure in their own community along with an unrivaled sense of camaraderie
  • Cause business owners to enjoy a marketing experience that produces loyal evangelists.

We need Art-Driven Treasure Hunts because they bring back ¬†fun. Just imagine…

You can learn more and even sign up for the next Hunt on the facebook page.